This one day course is for anyone who has ever looked at a map and wondered where to start.  At first glance they can appear a daunting prospect, but with a little knowledge you can unlock the information they contain and open up a whole new way of enjoying your walks.  During the day we'll dispel a few myths, unravel contour lines and shortcut the mental maths of scales, grid references and bearings.  At the end you should be able to understand the features on a map, plan a simple route and navigate it competently.

The course is an ideal pre-cursor to our Safety on the Hills course and is run by Manzoku Climbing & Mountaineering, a local company with over 25 years’ experience of helping people safely enjoy the hills and mountains of the UK

£35.00 per person.  Course needs a minimum of 4 participants to run.  This will be confirmed one week before the course.