• Sgwd-yr-Eira, the Snow Waterfall
  • Sgwd Gwladus, the Lady Waterfall
  • Take pictures or make a wish at our tumbling cascades

Brimming with life and wreathed in legend, the waterfalls and rapids in our National Park add an exciting, picturesque and thoroughly romantic touch to our woodlands and hillsides.

One part of our Park, at the head of the Vale of Neath, has so many wonderful waterfalls that we call it Waterfall Country. Many of these cascades are easily accessible on foot, as long as you’re prepared to walk through beautiful woods to get there.

Our waterfalls are not just pretty to look at – they’re fun to get wet in, too. Some people like to walk behind the curtain of water, or set up their tripod in the stream to take photos. Others like to canoe the rapids, or leap into the flow on high-octane gorge-walking expeditions.

However you choose to enjoy our falls, please help us to preserve them by taking care, sticking to the paths and following the Countryside Code.